Benefits of an underfloor gas tank in your camper

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We have had a huge number of our customers ask us about underfloor gas tanks over the last few months. We have decided to answer a number of frequently asked questions to help you make the choice between the underfloor option and the traditional on board gas box installation for your camper.

What gas tank do you install in most campers?

We install a 20l refillable LPG gas tank under the van floor.

Where does this go?

The gas system is situated between the exhaust silencer and the hand break mechanism, it is suspended using two plastic covered steel straps which fix to a steal frame which is then bolted securely to the van itself. We also add our own additional straps and fixing clamp to give extra security and prevent rusting.

What comes with the tank?

The tanks comes with an on-off valve, a gas level gauge, an automatic shut off valve this operates when 80% full.

Is it safer having the gas outside the vehicle?

Our traditional gas boxes are installed inside the campervan. Usually accessible outside the van when the tailgate or barn doors are open. The gas boxes have outside ventilation and sealed so are perfectly safe. However, added peace of mind can be given by having the gas situated outside the vehicle all together.

How much gas does it hold?

20 litres. If you compare this to a traditional bottle of 5l. Meaning that you don’t need to fill the tank so often. Also keep in mind the cost of refilling the tank with LPG is much lower than the traditional bottles.

Where can I fill my tank up?

Tanks can be filled at any garage selling LPG. We have found these to be fairly common. In our local town of Kilmarnock all of the major garages offer this service (approx. 5 locations)

How do I fill the tank?

There is a simple refill located on the outside of the van. It is fairly similar to filling a fuel tank.

How much space is saved compared with a traditional gas box?

You are saving the size of a gas box inside the camper. Although this may not sound like a great deal every centimetre counts inside your van!

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