A brief history of Rockin Vans

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A Brief History of Rockin Vans...

Rockin Vans is a company inspired by the desire to see what's over the hill or around the bend in the road. Its purpose is to aid and enhance the curiosity of people from near and far. Born into a family with buckets of this particular sense of adventure, are two brothers, Callum and Frazer Johnson who founded Rockin Vans in 2008 with a simple business plan and a good dose of optimism. Over the last ten years, coupled with hard work and dedication, this organic idea has prospered and grown into a strong and established business. Starting out with a modest four van rental fleet, Rockin Vans has grown into the largest rental company in Scotland, a trusted camper conversion business and a e-commerce store. A family based company, Rockin Vans strives to deliver the best service for people searching for that sense of freedom. 


From tots to teens, the Johnson brothers have experienced a lot of mountain roads and valley passes through the windows of a family camper van. From the Scottish highlands to mainland Europe, the mileage covered in the bright orange classic VW T2 camper van would rival that of a trans-Atlantic aircraft. Throughout the 80s the family took to the road at every opportunity. This early exposure to camper van trips gave the boys the unique understanding and passion they utilise in running Rockin' Vans. A family of artists and craftsmen, Mr. Johnson Senior made his living in restoring antique furniture, a skill that takes care and patience to achieve whilst Mrs. Johnson influenced the boys in a creative sense using her skills and creative eye as an art teacher. The foundations of Rockin' Vans is that of a genuine love of travel combined with a finely tuned skill set built up over a life time. 


Before the brothers had even thought about joining forces they we working at two separate ends of the country. Callum based in Scotland running his own business, Frazer was working in Pinewood Studios in London as a prop maker on films such as Harry Potter. The skills they were learning separately would eventually come together to create Rockin Vans as we know it today. 


The two brothers tried to hire a camper to attend T in the Park festival and soon realised that every camper hire business in Scotland was fully booked. Although at the time it might not have been a good thing, this, combined with many late night pub discussions saw the start of the hunt for a camper to rent out the following summer. 


With extensive travel throughout Canada, North America and Eastern Europe along with plenty of life experience under their belts, Callum and Frazer Johnson decided to start a company together and Rockin Vans was born. With Callum's savvy, business head and Frazer's carpentry skills, the brothers started small with just two VW T4 camper vans in 2008. Doubling that within one year, the boys were off to a strong and steady start.


Quickly realising that the camper vans joining the Rockin Vans fleet quiet often required some TLC to match the high standard that Frazer strives to obtain for all his campers, the boys made the decision to set up a subsidiary company, RV Campers, specialising in camper van conversions. Based on their existing customer base, extensive knowledge of the industry and high attention to detail, they felt this company would find its niche in the ever growing 'staycation' population of the UK. They were absolutely right.  


Seeing the progress they had made in such a small amount of time and gathering business confidence and momentum, they took the next step one year later by expanding the business out with themselves. Fortunate enough to find the perfect man to run their workshop Rockin Vans was about to really take off.


Realising they were now outgrowing their parents dinning room (which they had used as an office and stock room) they took on a small yard to house their growing fleet. They also took on their first apprentice and added 2 more cabinet makers to the fleet. 


Rockin Vans continued to grow in terms of client base and fleet size and by 2012, the boys had invested in their first motorhomes and several new members of staff to cope with the demand for bookings, events and conversions. Emphasis on customer service and vehicle maintenance was prioritised throughout these years which gave Rockin Vans the sterling reputation they have today. 


In 2015 Rockin Vans took on their first two office staff to handle customer relations and rental bookings. Which meant the biggest move to date was needed. They moved to a premises in the boys' home town of Kilmarnock, large enough to comfortably home the then extensive fleet of Caddy and VW campers, Midsize, Escape and Adventurer motorhomes.


With the business busier than ever, the boys took a leap of faith and opened a Rockin Vans branch in London. The decision to branch out to a market south of the border, as well as making it viable for international travellers passing through London to hire a camper van has paid off ten fold with Rockin' Vans hiring more people than ever. The company's strong ethos of high quality and excellent customer service has remained firmly intact throughout all these transitional times. 


The latest expansion of this dynamic and innovative company has been to launch their very own e-commerce shop to assist people in the sourcing of parts and furnishings for their own camper vans, ensuring that they are getting the very best of what is available on the market for their campers. 

As Rockin' Vans continues to grow, it stays true to it's origin by providing people with the means in which to enjoy the wonders of the world at your own pace and with the ones you love. 

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