Rockin' vans was set up in 2008 by a family with one goal, to create a company that would give the customer more than just a rental vehicle. Rockin Vans would give their customers an experience. Nearly ten years on, this family based company has gone from a modest four van collection to a 100 strong fleet, credited to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. 

Having travelled extensively in camper vans the world over, the Johnson family know their way around these vehicles very well and more importantly know what it takes to create the perfect camper van. Rockin' Vans conversions have an exceptional attention to detail that could only come from camper van enthusiasts. We understand how personal camper vans are to their owners and how precious the time spent with loved ones and memories made within the four walls are. Your home away from home takes top priority when you convert with Rockin Vans.  

We strive to meet every individual need of our customers. 


At Rockin' Vans we do our best to achieve and maintain a few key elements to conversion projects. We diligently keep up to date with all the latest gadgets and innovative appliances whilst always improving our service based on extensive feedback from our past and existing customers.  

Safety First

The safety of you and your passengers is paramount to us. In order to ensure the highest level of safety within our vans, we use crash tested seating and keep up to date with all the latest safety features available. Every step in your van's metamorphism to a camper is applied with a good dollop of sense and safety awareness.  

Quality Work

At Rockin' Vans we pride ourselves on the quality of work that goes into making your camper van dream a reality. With skilled and passionate carpenters and craftsmen, every feature is made with care. 

Reliable and Trustworthy

Converting your van to your dream camper is no easy task and requires time, skill and dedication. We appreciate that a project like this takes a lot of planning and a decent chunk out of your savings account, so we make it our mission to ensure that your van has a long and healthy life ahead of it when it leaves our workshop.  

Comfort Factor

Comfort is a major factor in every camper van we design and build. From the simpliest to the most elaborate of campers, we make sure that the miles travelled in these leisure crafts are comfortable ones. Whether your camper van is an exploration vessel for you and the kids, a mobile party haven for the wanderlust people of the world or a retirement treat, we do our best to provide you with the highest quality of interior products that makes it as cosy as possible.  

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

While you are enjoying the incredible sights nature has to offer, we like to keep our eco-conscious clean by doing everything we can to make our vans a little kinder to the planet.  By fitting solar panels to the vans, you can harness the energy of the sun (yes - even in Scotland) to power many appliances within your camper van. This smart and green way of powering your electrics will save you money, but more importantly is environmentally responsible. 

Attention to Detail and Personal Touch

Throughout every step of your conversion process we offer sound advice involved with everything that is done to create your perfect camper van. Just like each of our customers, each van is different and customised to suit the owners tastes. No detail is overlooked, from the cut of your camper van's furniture right down to the hand embroidered stitching on your seats. From funky retro vibes to a classic VW look, we want you to feel perfectly at home in your camper van no matter what your style is.

Continued Advice

At Rockin' Vans, we are more than happy to advise and guide our customers in every element of camper van maintenance. We strive to give you the best product we can and for it to remain top of it's class throughout it's life span. Our highly experienced team, has the combined know how to keep your camper van going for many moons as well as extensive tips and travel destinations ideal for camper van enthusiasts.