Voltage Sensitive Relay IP66 rated

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Durite Voltage Sensitive Relay

NOTE - Not compatible with VW T6*

This item is rated at 140Amp - ideal for campervan conversions!

This smart appliance makes charging your Leisure Battery a walk in the woods. As if by magic, the unit senses the voltage of both batteries that it is connected between. If either battery is receiving a charge the VSR will activate paralleling the two battery banks so you don't have to.

The VSR is compatible with situations where a battery charger or second charging source is attached to the leisure battery. They are so reliable many are fitted to blue light emergency vehicles. Now if that doesn't fill you with confidence I don't know what will. 

When the engine is started and the van battery reaches 13.3 volts, the VSR engages, allowing both batteries (van and leisure) to be charged simultaneously. When the voltage drops below 12.8 volts (eg the engine is stopped), the VSR disengages, separating the batteries. This system eliminates the possibility of draining the starter battery and protects sensitive electronic equipment powered from the house battery from harmful engine start up spikes.

Advantages of fitting a VSR over conventional charge (diode isolators):

  • IP66 rated for use in wet environments
  • Cost effective solution
  • Conventional diode isolators incur a minimum of 0.6 volt drop.
  • No need to bypass existing alternator wiring.
  • Easy 3 wire connection at the battery.
  • VSRs have no volt drop.
  • Compact size - No large heat sink
  • Dimensions: 69L x 69W x 50H mm (2.7L x 2.7W x 2H inches)
  • LED lights to show when connection is made

Simply attach your car and leisure battery positive terminals to the two lugs, and connect the small black wire to a ground source and you're ready to party.